A steadfast foundation for a thoughtful creation

The calendar year 1992 saw a resolute endeavor rise on the horizon of Indian Cable Manufacturing industry. A small proprietary unit began operations, and soon after its inception started delving into a wide range of Cables of world-class standards. This served as a shot in the arm, and a small Private Limited Company made rapid progress and got transformed into a Public Limited Corporation.

Today, Zenium Cables Limited is one of the most reputed indigenous cable manufacturing company in India, catering to diverse customer needs across industries. With our fully operational and well-equipped manufacturing facility and ultramodern laboratory setup, we not only offer our customers the desired solutions, but also ensure they are of topmost quality and as per the required specifications.

Shaping the future with dedication

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit spread over more than ninety thousand sq. ft. across six acres in Gujarat, is just a two hour drive from Mumbai. The HO is conveniently located in Mumbai to look after the distributor and dealer network across India. The company's ultramodern manufacturing plant and fully-equipped testing facility has been built as per international norms. They have been specially designed to suit all weather conditions. The computerised Process Monitoring System and Quality Control in Cable production ensures consistency and reliability which in turn, enhances consumer satisfaction.

We are committed to delivering top quality solutions, followed by excellent service & support, to meet consumer needs for accurate and cost effective solutions.

In 2003, we started a sister concern company i.e. KOMAL HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD., an additional arm which deals with surgical dressing products (Adhesive tape, Bandages etc) and Orthopedic Implants & instruments (Bone Plates, Bone Screw etc)to make this life more easier.