CCTV Camera Cables


Zenium CCTV Cables are offered in two types namely 4 + 1 CCTV Cable and 3 + 1 CCTV Cable. Co-axial cables form the carrier for video signal and the other 4 cores or 3 cores form the carriers for power. Co-axial cables are designed to transmit the complete video frequency range with minimum distortion or attenuation, making them an excellent choice for CCTV. Zenium CCTV cables are designed to optimize the quality of video signals, which are transmitted through the co-axial cables in the CCTV cable. The co-axial cable consists of solid annealed bare copper conductor of electrolytic grade which is insulated with Nylon foamed dielectric aluminium foil taped, jelly flooded, braided with Al. Alloy and then jacketed with FR PVC. Top most quality of construction of co-axial cable in Zenium CCTV Cables ensures distortion free video signals and thus a clear picture over complete low frequency bandwidth of transmission in such applications. the impedance of co-axial cable is 75, which matches the CCTV equipment. This matching ensures adequate signal strength, no reflection and best picture quality. In CCTV the co-axial cable is of type RG-59 which has highest attenuation compared to RG-6 and RG-11. Hence, it is recommended for use only for distance upto 300 - 350 ft. Foamed PE dielectric delivers excellent electrical properties such as low capacitance and high velocity of propagation. This results in low less characteristics and reduced attenuation of the video signal. Al. Alloy braiding of 70% coverage ensures complete elimination of EMI / RFI from the video signals and provides a reduced DC resistance ground path. Jacketing with ST-3 is ideal for all in door and out door applications.

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