Braided / Shielded & Instrumentation Cables


Zenium Cables Manufactures multi-core screened (Shielded / braided) flexible cables used for low noise signal cables and control purposes. These cables are generally confirming to PAS - 5308 and are manufactured with flexible copper conductors, PVC insulation, Tinned copper braided / shielded with overall PVC sheath. These cables are especially developed for defence, Telecommunication and electronic applications. Very feeble signals can be transmitted with least interference
INSTRUMENTATION CABLES Zenium manufactures multi-pair / triad instrumentation cables for use inside plants and electrical equipments where there is low frequency. These cables consists of annealed copper conductor draw from bright electrolytic grade copper PVC / POLYETHEYLENE / XLPE insulated, individually, or overall shielded with BOPP & AL MYLAR Tape, Tinned copper drain wire & overall PVC sheath. Here bunched conductors are insulated with various specially formulated and developed compounds with high resistance & low capacitance values. R

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