Quality always leads


Company which is now known as ZENIUM CABLES LIMITED. Throughout the span of 21 years the focus of the company was on total quality management (TQM) and its core values to win the trust of discerning users. In 2008, the company’s products were further certified by the International Standards Organization when the company was awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Zenium Cables are now widely used in government and semi-government companies, industrial and commercial establishments, multinationals, business organizations, builders and many end-users with complete satisfaction. Today, Zenium Cables Ltd. has carved a bold niche for itself in the manufacturing of international standard cables. At Zenium Cables Ltd., quality is never compromised.

The company has modern plants to manufacture and testing facility as per international norms which are especially designed to suit all weather conditions. Its computerized process monitoring system and quality control in cable production ensures consistency and reliability. The company is committed to provide best quality cables by world class service and support to meet customer needs for accurate and reliable cables in cost effective manner, thus increasing productivity and profits.

We have a complete in-house manufacturing and testing facilities as per leading international standards and follow a strict Quality Control plan, which covers monitoring of Quality starting from raw material stage to in-process stage and till final testing of cables according to prescribed standards. Investment in advanced measurement and test Equipments and Techniques provides product quality assurance. Highly sophisticated electrical, electronic, dimensional and mechanical test systems are installed to demonstrate the quality of company's wide range of cables. Total Quality monitoring systems are adopted to ensure that consistent, reliable, high quality products and services are provided cost effectively, through the optimum use of the company's resources people, plant and processes.

We, being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, have a vigorous Quality Assurance Plan Comprising Testing of Incoming material, online check during production and final testing. The Quality Assurance Program is evaluated regularly and upgraded. Our laboratory is equipped with all the instruments to ensure that the various test required under different specifications are conducted before cables are cleared for dispatch to the customer with an exhaustive test report furnishing results of tests conducted in our laboratory. We are able to maintain a close watch on world developments in cable technology and regulations therefore ensure that our products are designed and constructed to be hazard-free under the prescribed conditions to use.